Ryan Gosling is awesome: Actor plucks a lucky woman from 'Conan' audience [Video]

Yahoo! TV

Linda from Westminster, California, is the envy of women around the world (and a lot of men).

She was plucked from the audience at "Conan" by guest Ryan Gosling, who then proceeded to whisper lines in her ear.

It all started when Conan O'Brien asked the "Gangster Squad" star whether he'd ever been part of a talk-show audience. Gosling said he had, and he noted that audience members like to be seen on camera. After asking if he could bring someone onstage with him, he selected the lucky Linda.

O'Brien began to "interview" her, but Gosling suggested that a little tension makes for better sound bites. He leaned over and whispered to her, with Linda giggling at his lines.

"I like your suit. Do they make it for men?" she asked.

"This is the most hostile interview I've ever taken part in!" the host exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Gosling couldn't stop cracking up, and neither could we. Another entry for the "Ryan Gosling is awesome" file!