Rose McGowan Slams ‘Truly Vile’ Hollywood in Letter of Support to Shannen Doherty (Photo)

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Rose McGowan Slams ‘Truly Vile’ Hollywood in Letter of Support to Shannen Doherty (Photo)

Rose McGowan wrote former “Charmed” star Shannen Doherty a letter of support during her battle with breast cancer, and blamed “truly vile” Hollywood for any rivalry they may have had in the past.

“As young women we were pitted against each other for society’s pleasure,” McGowan wrote in an Instagram post, featuring an illustration of the two actresses. “The rules of Hollywood engagement brainwashed into us were truly vile. The men & brainwashed women in our business made it so we couldn’t be friends, I regret that.”


McGowan starred as Paige Matthews in “Charmed” after Doherty’s character left the show in 2001 following alleged on-and-off set tensions with co-star Alyssa Milano. McGowan also addressed Doherty’s “bad girl behavior” in her post, calling out the media for “merciless” shaming.

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“The Bad Girl Shaming you received at the hands of the media was merciless,” she added.  “Global media shaming is real AF, as you know. F— them all & their machine, too. You cast a long shadow over my life. We were both cast in a fake real life role, that of the Bad Girl. I had to prove I wasn’t as bad as you or I’d get the axe, too. But we were never the bad ones, it was them., the Beige Brained White Dudes in Charge. Well f— them. Damn them for f—ing with our minds & careers just because their misogynistic belief systems couldn’t sanction two strong females in a traditionally subservient role- actress. I refused to give them the cat fight they so wanted.”

McGowan continued to slam Hollywood in the letter, adding that the industry tried to crush the two actresses because they were “a different breed.” And because they both broke through those barriers, McGowan sent Doherty strength during her battle with cancer.

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“Two boss young women that scared the ‘faux-liberals in provincial Hollywood, for that sin we got burned at the media stake, egged on by Hollywood who believe the press they start,” she wrote. “There was a strongly inferred threat of me being blacklisted in tv as I’d been in film. Instead of understanding that we were a different breed, they tried to crush us, but they couldn’t. I send you strength.”

Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Her battle with the disease was made public when she sued her former business management firm after her health insurance lapsed, TMZ reported.

Last month, Doherty admitted the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, calling for chemo and radiation. At the “Stand Up to Cancer” event last week, Doherty looked healthy and her doctor stated that chemo was “nearly finished.”

See McGowan’s Instagram below.

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