Ron Jeremy in critical condition: Looking back at his most surreal 'Surreal Life' moments

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Ron Jeremy

If only this were "Surreal" -- porn star Ron Jeremy has been hospitalized with a heart aneurysm after experiencing chest pains, according to TMZ.

TMZ reports the 59-year-old "Surreal Life" cast member is in critical condition and awaiting surgery at an L.A. hospital.

Jeremy was last seen on VH1 in the 2007 spinoff "Surreal Life: Fame Games," in which cast members from different seasons competed for a $100,000 prize. Jeremy just missed out, coming in second to Traci Bingham.

Since then, he's made few appearances. In December, he catered to his adult film fans at Sexpo Australia. Among his nonporn projects, in February, he appeared in the "Casual Sex" music video for Canadian rockers My Darkest Days.

Aside from his 2,000-plus adult films, Jeremy may be best known for his time on "The Surreal Life" Season 2 and "Surreal Life: Fame Games." He showed a different side on those shows and provided many of the most memorable moments from the series, including:

  • Jeremy's strange, yet touching friendship with super conservative evangelist Tammy Faye
  • Four words: Porn. Star. Pool. Party.
  • The kiddie play he directed, starring the rest of his cast (seriously, someone authorized Ron freakin' Jeremy to oversee a children's production!)
  • When he finally showed Traci Bingham what she'd wanted to see all season -- except when he pulled down his pants, he pulled out a stuffed chicken (a little pecker)
  • Vanilla Ice and Bingham weirdly watching Jeremy go No. 2 in the bathroom
  • His all-out "Fame Games" brawl with Vanilla Ice, who was angry his friend broke a promise not to vote him off