Romney Sings Concession Speech in Viral Hit (Video)

Brent Lang
The Wrap

Mitt Romney gave a dutiful, gracious concession speech Tuesday night after losing the presidential election to Barack Obama. But instead of wishing his opponent well and spitting out political aphorisms about the greatness of America, imagine if he'd used his moment at the podium to share his musical talent.

In a new viral video from the "country & soul, folk & roll" group The Gregory Brothers, viewers get a glimpse of a more tuneful farewell to presidential prospects. It's a foot-tapping triumph as Romney reflects on his massive wealth and thanks his lucky stars that he won't have to take a paycut to occupy the White House.

"You see I've got a secret weapon that keeps me happy and gay -- I'm still rich," Romney sings.

Here's a look at his concession set to song.

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