Rihanna Rocks Iconic 'Clueless' Mini Dress

Antoinette Bueno
The Insider
Rihanna Rocks Iconic 'Clueless' Mini Dress

Rihanna definitely made the simple but stunning red Calvin Klein spaghetti strap dress she wore to GQ's Men of the Year party Tuesday night in Los Angeles all her own, but for those of you thinking you've seen it before, odds are you probably have -- because it's the very same dress Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone) wore in Clueless on her first date with Christian!

Rihanna sported the red version of the Calvin Klein creation, a design which was reissued by Calvin Klein Creative Director Francisco Costa in 2010 specifically in celebration of Clueless. The dress retails for $916.

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Though it's been 16 years since Clueless came out, who will ever forget this exchange between Cher and her dad -- 'Cher, what are you wearing?' 'A dress!' 'Says who?' 'Calvin Klein!' -- or the sheer white "jacket" she paired with it?

...Though Rihanna was clearly comfortable enough to wear the dress on its own!

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What do you think? Do you think Rihanna did this iconic dress justice?

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