Revealed: Johnny Depp's One Condition For Making His '21 Jump Street' Cameo

Access Hollywood
Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise attend the FOX Television Unveils New Primetime Schedule, at the UN Plaza Hotel in New York City, on June 3, 1987 -- Getty Premium

The movie version of "21 Jump Street" hits theaters on Friday, featuring a cameo from original series star Johnny Depp, and Access Hollywood has new information on what brought the superstar to the fold.

Access has learned that Depp agreed to the cameo - with one cool condition - if they also brought back Depp's former fellow original series co-star Peter DeLuise for a cameo too.

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Fans of the late 1980s television series will know that Peter, the son of Dom DeLuise, played Depp's on screen partner -- Officer Doug Penhall -- in the late 1980s television series.

As for their cameos, Access has also learned that lots of wild improvising happened when Depp and DeLuise joined Hill and Tatum.

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Holly Robinson Peete, who starred as Officer Judy Hoffs, also makes her cop cameo in the new film. Click HERE to watch Holly talk about her cameo.

Fans will want to pay very close attention during the cameo scenes to spot the movie's small screen homage to another original cast member - Dustin Nguyen.

Richard Grieco, who played Officer Dennis Booker in the TV series, attended Tuesday's premiere, but for fans wondering why he didn't make a cameo in the film, it was because the film stuck to original, Season 1 cast members.

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But, if "21 Jump Street" sparks a sequel, Greico, who after joining the show in Season 3, left ahead of Season 4 for the spinoff show, "Booker," said he'll likely be asked to cameo at that time.

"It's a comedy and I was too dark," he smiled last night, while speaking to Access at the movie premiere, about why he wasn't in the film. "I know the directors and producers and Columbia and MGM have talked about me in it. Now. In hindsight."

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Greico noted his character brought a heavier element to the show.

"The Booker character - it made the third season great, because you need an antagonist," he told Access . "Everyone can't be chummy, chummy all the time... If Darth Vader wasn't in 'Star Wars,' Luke Skywalker would just be a guy travelling around with a frickin' sword. So that intensified the series, so I think if they do a sequel, it'll be a little different."

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