Return of 'The Walking Dead': The Governor's seeking 'an eye for an eye'

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The most striking thing about the new artwork that AMC has released to promote the return of "The Walking Dead" on February 10? That the Governor is standing behind Rick. "Dead" fans know that he is not a dude you want sneaking up on you.

Especially since, when last we saw the Governor (David Morrissey), his tightly controlled little zombie-free haven Woodbury had been breached by Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his crew, who were on a mission to rescue kidnapped (or rather Merle-napped) Maggie and Glenn.

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In the process, sword-swinging Michonne killed the Governor's zombified daughter and, in the ensuing battle with Woodbury's wacky leader, took out one of his eyes.

In the Season 3 midseason finale, the Governor had also turned on his former cohort Merle (Michael Rooker) and had captured Merle's kid brother -- and fan favorite -- Daryl (Norman Reedus).

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Not to get too spoiler-y, but that's where the action picks up in the February 10 episode, "The Suicide King," in which the Governor forces Merle and Daryl to battle each other for sport in front of the Woodbury townsfolk.

Meanwhile, Rick's son Carl -- who may just be the most resilient kid character in the history of primetime drama -- starts to question whether his father can continue to act as the group's leader; and Rick, according to actor Lincoln, becomes a "brutal, ruthless leader" just in time for his ultimate showdown with the Governor.

Get a sneak peek of "The Suicide King" episode:

"The Walking Dead" returns Sunday, 2/10 at 9 PM on AMC.