‘Remote Controlled’ Podcast: Greg Berlanti on ‘Supergirl’ Move, What’s Next for DC Comics TV Universe (Listen)

Seth Kelley

Welcome to “Remote Controlled,” a podcast from Variety about the world of TV and talent behind the screen.

In this week’s episode Variety executive TV editor Debra Birnbaum and editor at large Michael Schneider talk to Greg Berlanti, the mastermind behind TV’s biggest comic book shows including “Supergirl,” “Arrow” and “The Flash.”

Berlanti talks candidly about the process of moving “Supergirl” to a “new network and new city.” During Season 1 the show aired on CBS and was filmed in Los Angeles. For Season 2 the show moved to the CW and filmed in Vancouver. He also revealed plans for a crossover episode between the “Supergirl,” “Flash” and “Arrow” universes.

For more, listen to the full episode of “Remote Controlled” below.

“It is kind of over four nights,” Berlanti said of the three-show crossover. “[Supergirl is] in a whole other universe so they have to go retrieve her.”

He added, “It’s also ‘Supergirl’s’ winter finale because the show is premiering a week later. So a bulk of the story in that episode is still paying off things that’s happening in the fall, and then she kisses into the larger story and she’s very much an active part of the crossovers across the three shows.”

The producer and writer also talked about the process of juggling so many shows at once.

“There’s always at least one or two episodes across any of the shows — and a never really know what it’s going to be — that I’m more intimately involved with,” Berlanti said. “It helps me stay connected to the show and, no, I’m not that way on every episode of every show. I just couldn’t be. But it also allows me a different sort of vantage point.”

He admitted that, as someone who stops by to lend his perspective, his influence has the potential to be treacherous.

“It’s really easy in this job to be destructive,” he said. “I try and be helpful, and still help them interpret what it is they want to do.”

A new episode of “Remote Controlled” will be available every Friday.

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