Relive the OJ Trial… Again! Entire Uncut Court Footage Posts to YouTube

If The People V. OJ Simpson, OJ: Made in America, and Jay Leno’s Dancing Itos weren’t enough for you, the good people who run the OJ Trial Uncut YouTube account are releasing the entire OJ trial. Uncut!

Lasting over eight months, it would take you WEEKS to watch all of the footage. But we here at SuperFan Los Angeles have picked out a few key moments if you’d like to relive the magic.

Begin with “OJ Simpson Trial – January 24th, 1995 – Part 1” to meet the players: Prosecution team, and star-crossed lovers (if you believe Ryan Murphy’s take), Marcia Clark and Chris Darden make their opening remarks. And OJ’s defense attorney Johnnie Cochran does his best to refute everything they just said.

Next jump to “OJ Simpson Trial – March 13th, 1995 – Part 4 (Last part)” for the showdown of the century — LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman versus OJ attorney F. Lee Bailey. Things pick up around 10:30 when they spar over a Columbian Necklace versus Necktie.

The next can’t miss moment — the testimony of quintessential California stoner surfer dude, Kato Kaelin. Watch “OJ Simpson Trial – March 22nd, 1995 – Part 1” to see Kato take the stand around the 9-minute mark, and jump to 9:54 to see him question if a mysterious cup of water is drinkable. It’s thrilling!

Other key moments can be found in such videos as “OJ Simpson Trial – June 15th, 1995 – Part 3 (Last part)” — OJ can’t quite fit into the Isotoner gloves at 36:20; “OJ Simpson Trial – September 28th, 1995 – Part 6 (last part)” contains Johnnie Cochran’s most famous rhyming one-liner at the 59-minute mark; and “OJ Simpson Trial Verdict – October 3rd, 1995” can shock the world all over again at 6:49.

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Tell us what you think! Have you had your fill of the OJ Trial? Or are you going to rewatch the entire court case in real time? Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram or leave your comments below. And check out our host, Khail Anonymous, on Twitter.