Ranking Dead: Ranking the Characters of ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7, Episode 4

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Welcome back to Ranking Dead, where we give a power ranking of The Walking Dead’s characters after every episode and then tally up the points over the course of the season. This is how we’d rank the characters of Episode 4.

5) Rick

Andrew Lincoln
Hey, he’s keeping people alive. That’s good. (Photo: AMC)

Welcome to the rankings, Rick. You’ve been basically undercut in every way possible and went from bloodthirsty maniac leader to weepy weapon waiter to Negan, but it *is* keeping people alive, and hey, you did get to lash out at Spencer, possibly the only dude weaker than you in Alexandria right now. Good for you.

4) Carl

Carl’s becoming the most menacing member of Alexandria. (Photo: AMC)

The kid has guts. Of course, he was immediately told put the gun down, but between that and being OK with having his hand chopped off, he’s becoming the show’s biggest badass. Maybe it’s just us, but we’re eager to see him finally get his moment to shine on the show.

3) Michonne

Michonne knows handing all the guns to Negan isn’t smart. (Photo: AMC)

Although Carl is maybe too young to take charge and Rick is Negan’s plaything, the ladies of Alexandria are the ones stepping up. Michonne is the first one we’ll focus on. She pointed out that Rick didn’t have to hand over every gun and knows that trying to keep Negan happy is a fool’s errand —that’s why she places third this week.

2) Rosita

Rosita is suddenly interesting. That’s good! (Photo: AMC)

Hey, hey, Rosita suddenly is becoming an interesting character and that’s a nice development. Her ascent from glorified extra to character with wants and desires and a plan took only three seasons. Go get ‘em, champ. She’s a runner-up with a soon-to-be-created-by-Eugene bullet.

1) Negan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Negan’s presence is a dark shadow on the show. (Photo: AMC)

Negan is vindictive and cruel, a manipulator who has a God complex and an army of mindless sycophants that keeps him in power. Watching him be relentlessly awful can be draining, but we can take solace in the knowledge that our group of heroes will eventually retaliate. Until that happens, though, Negan is clearly No. 1 this week.

And now, our overall power ranking for Season 7. Remember, the higher you rank, the more points you get, and it adds up.

Negan (15 points)

Daryl (7 points)

Carl (6 points)

King Ezekiel (5 points)

Rosita (4 points)

Carol (4 points)

Morgan (3 points)

Dwight (3 points)

Michonne (3 points)

Maggie (2 points)

Jim Bianco (2 points)

Jerry (2 points)

Simon (1 point)

Sherry (1 point)

Shiva (1 point)

Rick (1 point)

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