Ragtag Recruits Create New Team 'Arrow'

Superfan TV

It was recruiting day on Arrow as Oliver put together a crackpot team of new vigilantes. There was just too much crime in Star City for Oliver to handle so he enlisted the help a Wild Dog, Artemis, and future Mister Terrific.

Oliver attempted to train the new recruits but they didn't like his physical and abusive techniques so they all quit. Fortunately Oliver ran into Ragman, who started out as a formidable foe but quickly became an allie.

Ragman is the lone survivor of the nuclear blast that wiped out Monument Point. His father wrapped him in magical rags that protected him from the blast and endowed him special powers when exposed to the bomb's radiation. While it wasn't confirmed, he appears to be the Green Arrow's newest sidekick.

Oliver also lightened up on the whole brooding superhero thing and managed to get his recruits back. So the new Team Arrow should be ready to rock in season 5.