‘Project Runway’ Contestants Sink in Swimwear Challenge

On Thursday’s Project Runway, many of the contestants were underwater when it came to a swimwear challenge. One of the designers, Brik, described the pitfalls of making swimwear. He said, “Swimwear can potentially lead to a bunch of uh-oh, whoopsie moments. We could have parts coming out, too much butt cheek, weird boob…”

Dexter freaked out about the coverage he needed for his piece. “You’re covering the only things in the world you’re not supposed to show to everyone. I mean, unless you want to show it to everyone.” It seemed he went overboard with covering things, as Tim Gunn described his piece as “diapery.”

Sarah, who doesn’t go to the beach much, drew inspiration from an interesting place. She said, “When I think about where my girl is gonna be wearing my bikini to, I think that she might just be going to a pool party and hanging out by … the smoked meat.” Sadly, that meat left a bad taste in Heidi Klum’s mouth and Sarah was sent home.

Project Runway airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

Designers brighten up the stage with black lights on Project Runway.

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