Proj Run's Raul: Some People Don't Have Talent

Meg Swertlow
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Project Runway's Raul: I'm Sick of the Hate caught up with the third designer to get cut, Raul Osorio. The opinionted designer gave us the skinny on who is difficult in the work room, who should have gone home and why he and his partner didn't do an menswear inspired look for the Emmy red-carpet challenge! How does it feel to leave Project Runway?

Raul Osorio: It feels like it’s not my time. But at the same time, someone has to go. It’s sad that this is the end for me on Project Runway, but at the same time it’s not the end for Raul Osorio. There’s a lot of things that are gonna happen for me; a lot of things that I’m planning to pursue, so I don’t know. I’m excited for whoever is left in the show.

TheInsider: How did it feel to leave with something that you yourself said you weren’t proud of?

Raul: It’s a little embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to leave with something that you don’t feel good about. I don’t think there’s a gown [that] represents who I am as a designer at all. But also, there is – like I said before – there are too many cooks in the kitchen. And the design was compromised, and the fabric was a mess, and it was either have Mila wearing that dress, or push her on the runway naked.

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TheInsider: Did you feel like the judges got it right, that you were sent home? Or did you think your partner should have been sent home?

Raul: I don’t think that Alicia [Hardesty] or I were supposed to go home. I think that it is very obvious that some of the people don’t have the talent to be on the show. But some of them were safe because they were paired with other people that saved their asses. Also, there are some people that don’t wanna be on the show. So maybe that should’ve been taken into consideration instead of sending me home, because I wanted this and I put a lot of things on the line to be there.

TheInsider: Who do you think should’ve gotten sent home this week?

Raul: To be honest, I think Gunnar [Deatherage] and Kooan [Kosuke]. I think Kooan is extremely talented, and he deserves to be there. But I think that Gunnar was the one that I think should go home because the one outfit, that white dress looks like a wedding dress. … There [were] a lot of issues with the construction of the dress. Somehow the judges were not able to see it, and somehow he ended up on the top three and that’s what’s crazy about this show. Sometimes you feel that you can be on top, and next time you see you’re on the bottom.

TheInsider: I have to say as a viewer, I was very shocked that Gunnar and Kooan’s dress was on top, considering all the issues they had.

Raul: And the client was unhappy. The client seemed unhappy. At least mine, [Mila] was trying to pretend to be okay.

TheInsider: Irina seemed miserable on the runway. How did it seem to you?

Raul: Yeah! And also in the work room she snapped at them multiple times. But who knows what the judges are looking for? We do our part and I don’t think that Project Runway defines me as a designer. I think that I’m very glad that this experience happened to me, but I’m more than that. I’m glad that the people that are on the show are still working very hard to be part of it, but I’m also thankful that if this was my time to go, I’m sure that there’s a lot of things coming my way.

TheInsider: How did you feel about this week’s winner?

Raul: Oh, Ven [Budhu]. I mean I think it’s very obvious -- Ven and I don’t get along. I think that you will see that flower effect, which I actually call the "vagina effect," it’s… it is what it is. It’s the same thing over and over and we are sick of it. I am sick of it. I think he’s talented; he has skills, but come on, show a little bit more.

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TheInsider: Your training is in menswear. So I think people are wondering, why didn’t you go with menswear?

Raul: ‘Cause I’m stupid! [Laughs] I don’t have a reason. I wish that Alicia [Hardesty] and I could’ve just made a suit, but we got carried away. Everyone was talking about dress plans, everyone was talking about chiffons, organza, and we were like, we have to do something that is at least similar so we have at least a chance to stay. But it was a bad decision, and I had to take the consequences of it.

TheInsider: What was it like having all the old designers back?

Raul: It’s weird because some of them are very loud and obnoxious. I think that there was probably one that I actually admire. The rest to me were just fillers.

TheInsider: Who was the one that you admire?

Raul: Laura Bennett. I love her work. I feel that I’m able to identify with how… all her stuff is very well-made. There is something very classic about it; very elegant and I like that. I’m just sick of hearing about all these people trying to be edgy and just, I don’t know, putting [on] a sh*t show all the time. I can’t.

TheInsider: It seemed like there were a lot of personalities in that room with, especially the designers who had already been there, mixed with the new designers. How was it dealing with those egos?

Raul: Well we all have a lot of personality. I think that if you don’t have that, obviously you wouldn’t make it to the show. I’m a little sad that the show didn’t really show much of mine because during the first one [episode] – there’s Raul freaking out. Second one – there’s not much of Raul, I was just safe. And third one, there was a little bit of me, but people that know me know that I have a lot to say and that I don’t step back. If I don’t like something I will speak my mind and say what I say. But it was hard to work with people with different personalities; different backgrounds, and cultures too.

TheInsider: What was it like working with Mila [Hermanovski]?

Raul: I must say that she was very professional. She was nice. Would I pick her as my client? Absolutely not. I have nothing to give to her. I think that once you have to pick one color to identify your style, that’s pretty sad. There’s so much out there. Why do you have to be the girl in black? There is so much out there [laughs].

TheInsider: In the end, what did you think of your final creation that you made?

Raul: I hate it. I’ll be honest. I think that that gown doesn’t speak for my work or Alicia’s work. I think that we have to made a garment within the last three hours, try to make it work with what we had. That fabric was supposed to be the lining of the dress. And then she hated the fabric, so the entire design had to change. And at this point, someone had to become responsible for the consequences. And I guess I was lucky enough to be that one! [laughs]

TheInsider: What is next for you?

Raul: Hopefully I can start my own line. I’ve been doing different collections but I hope that I can find an investor at one point - being able to produce a line. And I want to do menswear. I’m very good when it comes down to menswear. So, I wanna do Raul Osorio more and hopefully move to New York if things go my way.

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