Prince Charles Delivers the Weather Report

Claudine Zap
Yahoo! TV

Your forecast today: cloudy with a chance of royalty. None other than Prince Charles delivered the weather report on the BBC.

The Prince of Wales was touring the network’s Scottish studio when he stepped in to deliver the afternoon forecast. The heir to the throne looked like a natural, standing comfortably in front of the meteorology maps in a crisp dark suit and red striped tie.

Holding a clicker to control the maps, he ticked off the forecast with a slight smile, pronouncing the afternoon “cold, wet, and windy” (we’re talking about Scotland, after all) and pointing to areas on the maps behind him.

The 63-year-old read a script especially written for him, which included references to the royal residences in Scotland. But even the royal touch could not improve the gloomy forecast.

This is not the first time the prince has tried doing a job meant for ordinary people: Earlier this year, Charles piloted a London Underground tube train while touring the factory where the trains are built.