Pretty Little Liars Post-Mortem Poll: Is Spencer Really Cray-Cray?

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"Pretty Little Liars" -- "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"
"Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" - With Spencer missing, Aria, Emily and Hanna search for clues to where their friend may be in "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?," an all new episode of ABC Family's hit original series "Pretty Little Liars."

Spencer may be stuck in an asylum, but something tells us she's totally sane.

On Tuesday night's episode of "Pretty Little Liars," we got a good look at the inner-workings of Radley Sanitarium, thanks to Miss Hastings's mid-breakdown decision to feign amnesia and try to be someone else for as long as she could get away with it.

Sadly for her -- but certainly not her very worried friends and family -- she only managed to stay Jane Doe for less than 24 hours. But that's not to say it wasn't a productive 24 hours.

During that time, she managed to befriend the real E. Lamb (and he's one seriously charming orderly) and eventually learned that she was staying in Mona's former room. Between the piano playing and the Spencer-licious sarcasm, we were doubting if she was really losing it or on a mission to find "it."

Spencer's vision during therapy where she started to believe she was telling her friends they didn't know her anymore and Mona's creepy visit only served to confuse us further.

But here's one big thing we do know: Mona has Alison's diary and claims we don't know half the secret of what's going on. She compares what Spencer knows to trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle without having seen the picture on the box, which may be the best analogy in the show's history.

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