Pregnant 'Girls' Star Poses Nude

Jackie Willis
The Insider
Pregnant 'Girls' Star Poses Nude

Girls star Jemima Kirke's Vice spread includes nudity, stories of drug use and quips about Lindsay Lohan. The very pregnant Kirke admits in the interview that her actual personality isn't too far from her character Jessa Johansson -- and this chat and NSFW photographs certainly proves that.

Vice's Annette Lamothe-Ramos ran in the same circles with Kirke growing up in Manhattan and at one point in the conversation, the two reflect on the time the actress offered the editor drugs. "You offered me bumps off your keys while you were peeing on the toilet," Lamothe-Ramos says. "And I recall thinking, 'Who the hell is this girl?' Then when I saw the show and watched you doing the same thing, minus the drugs, it brought it all back."

Kirke admits, "You seemed somewhat impressionable at the time. So I thought, 'I could probably get this girl to do drugs with me.'"

Kirke's party girl days are behind her. The 27-year-old HBO star has a daughter, Rafaella, with husband Michael Mosberg and another one on the way, but still keeps up with her Hollywood peers. Interrupting the interview, the actress exclaims, "Oh, Lindsay [Lohan] strikes again! I’m reading the [New York] Post and she f***ing hit a pedestrian again with her SUV."

What do you think of Kirke's NSFW photos: tasteful or tacky?

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