Poll: Who Does Negan Kill in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Premiere?

Variety Staff

It was, perhaps, the greatest (or cruelest) TV cliffhanger of the year: As our new villain Negan bludgeoned one of our beloved survivors with his bat Lucille, “The Walking Dead” Season 6 finale ended, without revealing who died.

But the Season 7 premiere is fast approaching, and fans have been busy dissecting every clue, interview, and set photo for clues. The answer will finally be revealed on Sunday, Oct. 23.

Though the season finale made it seem as though Negan would have mercy on Glenn, he’s still a prime candidate: his fate was long teased during the middle of Season 6, with a similar cliffhanger throwing fans through a loop. Plus, it would line up with Glenn’s demise in “The Walking Dead” comics. Many have theorized, however, that a character that fans are a little less protective of, like Abraham or Eugene, will get the bat.

Who do you think will be Negan’s victim in the premiere? Vote below, and weigh in with your theories in the comments!

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