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"Wipeout" - "Beauty Queens"

On a special episode of ABC's "Wipeout," twenty four former beauty pageant contestants -- including a "World Banana Queen" and a "Zombie Queen" -- take off their crowns to compete for the $50,000 grand prize and the title of Miss Wipeout. Instead of beginning with a swimsuit competition, the Qualifier kicks off with the beauty queens going head to head against "Tropic Blunder" and ending with a "Wipeout"-style shopping spree at the "Chopping Mall." Twelve competitors who survive the mall madness will move on to challenge the "Miami Pound Machine," after which only six contenders will brace themselves for a not-so-sweet visit to "Sugar Smacks." The first three contestants to endure the sugar rush will move on to face the "Slingshot" and "Rotisserie" obstacles during the final round in the Wipeout Zone. Only one beauty queen will walk away with the $50,000 grand prize, and coveted title of Miss Wipeout, as the others walk away runners-up.

'Wipeout' Season 6 Episode Photos

Each week in "Wipeout," 24 energetic new contestants of all ages, shapes and sizes go head to head through four rounds of demanding but hilarious obstacle courses to win the title of "Wipeout Champion" and the $50,000 grand prize. In the end, only one contestant will be victorious, while everyone else will Wipeout! "Wipeout" airs Thursdays at 8 PM on ABC.