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"The Simpsons" Spiringfield at Universal Studios Orlando

Kang and Kodos Invade 'Simpsons' Theme Park, Completing Town of Springfield at Universal Orlando!

The latest expansion of "The Simpsons'" Springfield is now open at Universal Orlando, and it's the closest you can get to being in a real-life cartoon without getting cast in an "Expendables" movie.

The big addition to the park, which already features a "Simpsons" ride built in 2008, is the Kang and Kodos Twirl 'n' Hurl, complete with Rigellian-sounding saucer names (Ronald Ray Gun, HindenBorg, Drool Bus).

The food court (which includes real-life versions of Krusty Burger, Luigi's Pizza, and separate, open-air Duff Gardens and Moe's Tavern) offers 28 Springfield-themed food and drink items, though some will say it was only good when there were three to seven items and they'll never get the magic back.

Some park patrons have complained about what isn't there (Burns and Smithers? A Treehouse of Horror funhouse?); it's likely that there will be future expansions — at least until they run up against the Wizarding World of Harry Potter right next door.

— Robert Chan, Yahoo! TV