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Alison Brie: "Community" and "Mad Men"

Alison Brie
"Community," "Mad Men"

Brie's two roles couldn't be more different. On "Community," she's the sweet, type-A, sometimes naive Annie. On "Mad Men," she plays the '60s-era housewife Trudy (aka Mrs. Pete Campbell) as a velvet-covered iron fist. And Brie is delightful as both -- can't she star in every show?

TV Two-Timers: 17 Actors With More Than One Show

When it comes to television shows, two-timing is a very good thing. Many actors "cheat" on their shows by appearing on others; they're talented and versatile enough to juggle comedies and dramas, serial-killer storylines and baby-mama drama, and campus high jinks and historically accurate costumes.

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