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"The Price is Right" Celebrity Week

Nick and Drew were serenaded by a gospel singer. They played for a charity that Drew Lachey volunteered for as a high school kid. They both told us that their dream was to be called down, so we put them in the audience and our announcer told them to come on down! Both guys insisted that they present showcases featuring their sports team.

'The Price is Right' 2nd Annual Celebrity Week

Drew and Nick Lachey, Sharon Osbourne, Demi Lovato, Charles Barkley, and NeNe Leakes, come on down! You're among the next contestants on "The Price Is Right's" second annual celebrity week event, starting Monday, 2/18 through Friday, 2/22. The celebrities will play alongside regular contestants with their winnings going to charities. Yahoo! TV spoke to "Price Is Right" Executive Producer Mike Richards about the stars playing this year. Click through this slideshow to see what he had to say.