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Nat Geo Celebrates The '80's & Today Featuring Girl Talk

Nat Geo Celebrates The '80's & Today Featuring Girl Talk on Sunday, March 10 in Austin, TX.

'The '80s: The Decade That Made Us' SXSW Party

Thousands lined up at Antones, but only 600 got in for the most buzzed about party at SXSW -- National Geographic Channel's '80s party featuring electronic musician Girl Talk.

From the graffiti covered walls to the cassette tapes lining the bar, the scene inside the packed venue was unmistakably '80s. Guests were treated to cocktails named "Magnum P.I." and "Miami Vice," munched on popular snacks from the '80s dispensed via specialty vending machines, took snapshots in the Max Headroom-themed photo booth, and were able to recharge at the iPhone charging stations created in the style of vintage payphones. The '80s theme was evident even in the bathrooms: Poster-sized tutorials on how to tease your hair or peg your pants were featured in the stalls and favorite '80s accessories were up for grabs, including banana clips, scrunchies, Aqua Net hairspray, and Love's Baby Soft perfume for the ladies and Drakkar Noir cologne for the boys.

Girl Talk hit the stage at 11 PM to a full house, and the all-out mash-up dance party began. By the end of the night, the crowd was drenched in sweat and covered in confetti.

Guests included SXSW attendees Coolio, Adrian Grenier, Nev Schulman, Andy Cohen, and the cast of USA's "Graceland."