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1. Ed Flanders played the part of Dr. Donald Westphall...

'St. Elsewhere' 30th Anniversary: Fun Facts

On Oct. 26, 1982, "St. Elsewhere" premiered. Many dubbed it "'Hill Street Blues' in a hospital," but creators Joshua Brand and John Falsey went on to prove that they were much more than Steven Bochco wannabes. The series lasted for six seasons from 1982 through 1988 and earned numerous awards for the cast and crew. The staff at St. Eligius Hospital included Ed Begley Jr., William Daniels, Howie Mandel, David Morse, Christina Pickles, Denzel Washington, Norman Lloyd, Ed Flanders, Stephen Furst, Bonnie Bartlett, Mark Harmon, and many more. Here are 20 fun facts about "St. Elsewhere". — Amy and Nancy Harrington, Yahoo! Contributor Network