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Keri asks Louise to help her transform from a girl who looks like she's ready for church into someone who has a shot at attracting the man of her dreams. Having already met Eddie, the lead singer of a local band, Keri believes she has fallen in love, but is afraid Eddie would never want to date her. With Louise as her guide, Keri embarks on a complete inner and outer transformation in preparation for her first date. Louise takes Keri on a journey of facing her fear of the dark, proving to her that the unknown is not necessarily a bad thing. Then with a visit to her local market, Keri is coached on how to talk to guys, and is even asked on a date! Transformed into a beauty by Louise, Keri reveals her true feelings to Eddie. Eddie expresses that he would like to get to know Keri better before taking the next step. This was not exactly the reaction Keri was hoping for, but she has learned confidence, and now has a shot at spending time with Eddie. She is happy with her newfound look and confidence. [Share this slideshow on Twitter] Plain Jane

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