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Fashion Sense

Fashion Sense

Nothing screams “I’m adorkable!” like a pair of glasses and a fuzzy cardigan, and Jess has certainly used that look to her advantage. (Guy in bar: “I like your glasses.” Jess: “They help me see.”) Mindy can rock a pair of specs, too, but so far we’ve mostly just seen her in glammed-up party dresses and hospital scrubs. Maybe Jess has a few extra cardigans she can lend to Mindy?

Verdict: Jess. She’s already a fashion icon for adorkable gals everywhere.

'New Girl' vs. 'The Mindy Project': Who's More Adorkable?

“New Girl’s” Zooey Deschanel is TV’s reigning queen of that awkward brand of charm known as “adorkability.” But she’s getting some stiff competition this fall from her new Fox neighbor, “The Mindy Project’s” Mindy Kaling. Here, we size up their two characters, Jess and Mindy, in a variety of categories to determine who’s the most adorkable of them all. — Dave Nemetz, Yahoo! TV