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Even though no one else agreed, Alfred Hitchcock thought that Robert Bloch's novel "Psycho" would make a good movie. He was so convinced that the story -- loosely based on real-life murderer Ed Gein -- would be a hit that he bought up as many copies of the book as he could to keep the ending a secret. After Paramount execs rejected the concept, Hitchcock agreed to finance the 1960 project himself.

While it was initially met with mixed reviews, it was a box-office hit and was nominated for a total of four Academy Awards -- including Best Director. Numerous sequels and a 1998 shot-for-shot remake by Gus Van Sant followed. But none could live up to the standard set by the original.

Now A&E is taking a stab at a new perspective on the story with "Bates Motel" -- this time by chronicling the life of a teenage Norman Bates and his very much alive mother, Norma. Freddie Highmore has the daunting task of playing the role made famous by Anthony Perkins in the Hitchcock film. Vera Farmiga will play his domineering mom. As with the original, reviews are mixed. Only time will tell if it becomes a TV classic.

Movies That Became TV Shows

The drama series "Bates Motel" debuted on A&E in March, and NBC will launch new thriller series "Hannibal" this week. Both shows are prequels to film classics "Psycho" and "Silence of the Lambs," respectively. But this isn't the first time a big-screen project has found its way to television. Here are some notable films that underwent small-screen adaptations. — Amy and Nancy Harrington, Yahoo! Contributor Network