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Olivia Pope—Scandal

Olivia Pope—Scandal
A serious and strong character, Olivia Pope stands tall in constructed, elegant silhouettes. The show's costume designer Lyn Paolo often has Pope wearing white and pastel tones to portray a new kind of femininity that doesn't succumb to wearing darker tones as a symbol of business. Olivia Pope's wardrobe plays with the typical feminine wardrobe to present a fresh twist on sophistication.

Love It? Want It? Pin It!: The TV Wardrobes You Pined For this Year

December 19, 2013

It isn't easy to look picture-perfect on national television week after week. But these protagonists have become national style icons, so much so that they still live off-screen on Pinterest. We celebrate the year's best dressed, frequently pinned, and always inspiring TV fashion icons. — Erin Kim, Yahoo TV