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Girls: Getting to Know the Cast

At the tender age of 26, "Girls" creator/star Lena Dunham has a career most filmmakers would envy. She comes from an artsy background; her mom is famed photographer Laurie Simmons and her dad is artist Carroll Dunham. And two years ago, she won raves at a host of festivals for "Tiny Furniture," an autobiographical indie film she wrote and directed. Now she's teamed up with comedy guru Judd Apatow to bring us "Girls," which she writes, directs, and stars in as post-grad aspiring writer Hannah Horvath. But Lena doesn't go easy on herself; Hannah is a selfish, spoiled whiner, and exposes herself in some incredibly awkward sex scenes. "I've felt a little unfairly duped by the sex I see on television," Dunham explains to "CBS This Morning." "Sex isn't always glamorous. It's embarrassing, it's complicated, and I really wanted to see scenes where girls weren't wearing negligees and sighing."

Get to Know the Cast of HBO's 'Girls'

HBO's raw and revealing comedy is earning plenty of buzz in its first season; learn more about its cast of young newcomers.