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Web Therapy - David Schwimmer

David Schwimmer on “Web Therapy”

We haven’t seen much of the man behind Ross Geller since “Friends” ended in 2004, but he’s reappearing this week on his old pal Lisa Kudrow’s Showtime comedy. Schwimmer plays the son of a college professor that Kudrow’s psychologist character, Fiona Wallice, had an affair with years ago; now he’s coming to Fiona for therapy -- and a little closure. Be careful not to make him angry, Fiona; no one wants to see “Red Ross” come out.

‘Friends’ Helping Friends: 5 Mini-‘Friends’ Reunions on TV

We may never get that “Friends” reunion we’re hoping for, but that doesn’t mean the stars of NBC’s hit '90s sitcom have lost touch. Here are five guest spots that one “Friends” star has done on another’s TV show. — Dave Nemetz, Yahoo! TV