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"Too Cute! Kittens"

An Abyssinian kitten featured on Animal Planet's "Too Cute! Kittens."

Animal Planet Presents: Cutest. Kittens. Ever.

Stop what you're doing and look at 29 pictures of kittens.

Kittens? On the Internet? Who in their right mind would ever waste time browsing through photos of cats just for the heck of it ... asked no one in many, many years. The folks at Animal Planet have been hard at work selecting the cutest kittens featured on previous episodes of "Too Cute" to be in a very special episode, "Cutest Kittens Ever" (airing Saturday, 9/7 at 9 PM). The show has an interactive component as well. The network diverts viewers to its "L!VE Kitten Cam" of adoptable kittens. As in: Hint, hint, viewers. Meow. — Caroline Kepnes, Yahoo! TV