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Claire Danes, My So-Called Life
MY SO-CALLED LIFE - 8/25/94 Claire Danes played Angela Chase, a 15-year-old who wanted to break out of the mold as a strait-laced teen-ager and straight-A student.

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10 Kids Who Coulda Shoulda Won an Emmy

September 4, 2013

While it's not surprising to see a young actor nominated for an Oscar (Quvenzhané Wallis, Haley Joel Osment, et al.), the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences members are seemingly not as down with the kids. Only a handful of actors under 18 have ever been nominated, and an Emmy has never been awarded to a minor for series work (14-year-old Roxana Zal won in 1984 for the TV movie "Something About Amelia"). Here is a look at five youngsters who have been previously nominated and five potentials who deserve a nod.