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Abby Sciuto, "NCIS" (CBS)

A perky ponytailed scientist who doesn't let her lab coat hide her Gothness. An essential member of a naval criminal investigative lab, she can crack computer code, analyze weapons, and decipher DNA samples (even plant-based ones). A warmhearted optimist even in the grimmest conditions (although she can fall prey to the occasional phobia), she makes everyone feel like family and can sometimes even find family members by accident. Don't let her dog collars, tattoos, coffin naps, and love of stuffed hippos fool you: She's a perfectionist. She doesn't judge people from the outside and has dated everyone from nerdy computer scientists to brilliant little people. Her openness has led to the occasional stalker with an expertise in crime-scene cleanup, but she learns from her mistakes and carries a Taser.

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