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Scott Baio -- Charles

"Charles in Charge" 1984, "See Dad Run" 2012

'Charles in Charge': Where Are They Now?

From 1984 to 1990, "Charles in Charge" was one of the most beloved sitcoms on television, surviving a brief cancellation thanks to a superloyal fan base. Starring Scott Baio, the show was set in a New Jersey college town where student Charles worked as a live-in babysitter for two families. Nearly 30 years after the show's debut, fans still have fond memories of the comedy, which featured an impressive list of guest stars, including future A-listers Meg Ryan and Matthew Perry.

Today, while several of the show's alums have left the acting arena altogether (Sandra Kerns, April Lerman, Jonathan Ward, and Michael Pearlman all said goodbye to Hollywood), a few "Charles in Charge" stars are back on TV once again: Baio is the star and executive producer of the Nickelodeon show "See Dad Run," while his co-star Nicole Eggert is currently competing on the ABC diving show "Splash."

As we celebrate the recent trend of 1980s nostalgia programming, here's a look at what happened to the stars of "Charles in Charge."

— Victoria Leigh Miller, Yahoo! TV