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Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers shocked fans when he went under the knife in 2005, and emerged with a face that looked quite different from the one that made him famous. After successfully having liposuction in 1989 to slim down a bit, he probably should have known when to fold ‘em, but instead went back in for another cosmetic procedure (which looks like it involved a serious eye lift) years later, after marrying his fifth wife, Wanda Miller, who’s nearly 30 years his junior. Rogers ended up with a lifted look that he regrets. “I kind of wish I hadn't done it,” he said a couple of years after his facial surgery. “Looking back at some pictures of myself, my eyes were a lot warmer than they are now, and I miss that.”

Male Stars Who Have Gone Under the Knife

Legendary country crooner Kenny Rogers has spent more than 50 years in the spotlight thanks to his super successful music career. In recent years, however, he’s made headlines for something much less impressive: the plastic surgery he’s undergone … and spoken about quite candidly. But he’s not the only one. Check out these other famous guys who’ve admitted to going under the knife. by Lizbeth Scordo, omg! staff