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'Breaking Bad': The Ten Most Memorable Deaths (So Far)

12. Krazy-8 (Season 1, “… and the Bag’s in the River”)

Cause of Death: Strangulation with a bicycle lock

Back when Walt still had some semblance of a moral code (and some hair), he wrestled with whether or not to kill Krazy-8, the meth dealer he and Jesse had locked up in the basement. After a long, humanizing conversation, Walt had decided to let Krazy-8 go free… until he noticed the ceramic shard Krazy-8 had stashed away to stab him with. In the ensuing struggle, Walt strangled Krazy-8 with the bicycle lock he had latched around his neck -- and broke down in tears after the deed was done.

'Breaking Bad': The 12 Most Memorable Deaths (So Far)

The only thing higher than the tension level on AMC’s thrill-ride drug drama? The body count. We’re gearing up for the final season of “BB” by counting down the 12 most jaw-dropping deaths across all four seasons... with more to come, we’re sure. —Dave Nemetz, Yahoo! TV