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Lucy Treadway might be the luckiest nanny in Beverly Hills; she narrowly avoided being caught in the middle of the Sheenpocalypse. The Cincinnati native was in the running to be the live-in weekend nanny for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's two-year-old twins -- just as Sheen was going off on his infamous media rampage. "I was to live in Brooke’s house, and I would have had to sleep in the twins’ room as they woke up through the night and help with potty-training them," Treadway says. But her youth and good looks ruined her chances. "I got all the way to the end until Brooke requested a photo of me. Once the photo was sent, Brooke responded, 'Please only send me old nannies.' It’s probably a blessing in disguise." Probably? Definitely.

'Beverly Hills Nannies' and Their Celeb Connections

Meet the A-list caretakers of ABC Family's "Beverly Hills Nannies" and get the scoop on the famous clients they've worked for.