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"The Fifth Estate" Movie Stills

Daniel Bruhl and Benedict Cumberbatch in Dreamworks' "The Fifth Estate" - 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch A to Z

The man, the actor, the name. If it seems like Benedict Cumberbatch’s moniker popped up a whole lot in 2013, it’s not just your imagination. He was in nearly half a dozen movies, earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for "Sherlock," was a Time magazine cover guy, co-starred in an award-nominated radio show, and even recorded a tune for the "August: Osage County" soundtrack. Is there no end to his talents and charm? As any Benedict-devoted would tell you, no. For those already aware of his many charms, and those yet to fully embrace the Cumberbatchiness of it all, our A to Z guide to everything Benedict. — Kimberly Potts, Yahoo TV