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Awesome Accents: 17 Ways to Make Any Space Pop with Color

Sometimes what makes an accent color successful is simply sheer surprise. Hot pink isn't typically found in a kitchen, and for that matter neither is a pink refrigerator. The two shades of pink turn a very neutral, hard-edged space into a more energizing spot.

Awesome Accents: 17 Ways to Make Any Space Pop With Color

Bob Vila

Brilliant, bright, creamy, rich, dazzling color, whether used liberally or sparingly, can make a significant impact in a space. Much like a colorful scarf takes a neutral outfit in a bold new direction, an unanticipated design element, such as a juicy pink kitchen wall, high-gloss yellow dining chair, or a black ceiling, often steals the show. The accent wall is a familiar concept, yet partial surfaces, smaller architectural elements, and furnishings are ripe for color too. Color-phobes can rest assured that a pop of color is a way to reap all the benefits without belaboring the point. Here are 17 ways to make a space pop with color. | By Jane Dagmi, BobVila.com