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"Duck Dynasty" Merchandise: Willie Garden Gnome

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The 13 Oddest 'Duck Dynasty' Merchandise Items You Can Own

August 28, 2013

The stars of "Duck Dynasty," the Robertsons, made their fortune off of selling gear — hunting equipment like duck calls and camouflage clothing. But thanks to the mega success of their hit A&E show, they're breaking into new retail areas. As Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson recently told the New York Times, all the show-related merchandise has become nearly impossible to track. "Every day I get pitched on this, pitched on that," he said. "It's like you're living in a movie."

Some of the items are so wacky, they do feel like they belong in a fantastical movie. Check out a baker's dozen of the most insane "Duck Dynasty" merchandise out there. — Kelly Woo, Yahoo! TV