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Jesse Pinkman, "Breaking Bad" (AMC)

Blue-eyed Albuquerque native who loves kids. Despite having just a high school education, he's a chem whiz who runs a cutthroat business (although he does feel bad when throats actually get cut). He doesn't believe in being flashy, as his Toyota Tercel station wagon testifies, and he likes to fly under the radar as much as possible, although he sometimes can't hide the party animal within. He has overcome adversity time and time again, such as drug addiction (although he still smokes Wilmington ciggies). A sensitive soul who can take a beating, he's a man with nine lives whom people can't help rescuing.

11 TV Characters Who Were Supposed to Die

They went on to become pivotal, scene-stealing, and even award-winning and spinoff-worthy cast members of their series, but these TV characters weren't originally scheduled to have long lives on their respective shows. Here, 11 great characters who cheated death in TV land. — Kimberly Potts, Yahoo! TV