The People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian on the Celeb Feuds of the Week

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The People’s Court Judge Marilyn Milian on the Celeb Feuds of the Week

The People’s Court judge Marilyn Milian gives Us Weekly her lawful opinion on this week’s celebrity feuds of the week (from Naya Rivera vs. Lea Michele to Cher vs. Dr. Oz) — find out more

Samantha Bee vs. Matt Lauer

Samantha Bee came out stinging when Full Frontal With Samantha Bee returned for its second season to TBS September 13. In a nearly four-minute rant, she skewered Matt Lauer’s back-to-back interviews with presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during NBC’s Commander-in-Chief Forum on September 8.

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Dubbing Lauer, 58, “human Splenda,” she sniped that the Today vet’s “crack journalism skills include getting up early and asking tough questions about recipes.” With a nod to the morning show’s annual dress-up, the 46-year-old concluded, “Maybe this Halloween he can dress up as a journalist.”

Judge Milian rules: Matt Lauer wins. “For Samantha to suggest Matt, who has spent two decades interviewing politicians, is a lightweight is ridiculous.”

Cher vs. Dr. Oz

Cher doesn’t “Believe” in Dr. Mehmet Oz. The Grammy winner blasted the TV doc on Twitter September 13 for agreeing to discuss presidential candidate Donald Trump’s health on his show September 15. “Why is Dr. Oz letting Trump pimp him out!?” she wrote. “Oz is bound by ethics!! Is he so hungry for ratings he’ll let Trump use him like guys at a frat party.”

She went on to complain that Trump, who admitted on air he could lose “15 to 20 pounds,” is a “lying reality show host.” 

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Judge Milian rules: Dr. Oz wins. “As much as Cher would like to see Dr. Oz cross-examining Mr. Trump, that’s not his job."

Naya Rivera vs. Lea Michele

In her new book Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, the 29-year-old actress accuses Glee costar Lea Michele, 30, of being a diva on set.

One day during season 1, back in 2009, Rivera dishes, the air conditioner broke and Michele “kept threatening to call SAG about the unsafe working conditions.” The mom of Josey, 11 months, also gripes her onetime pal was cold off set. At one cast party, she writes “the rest of us were slamming champagne and vodka, and Lea’s in the kitchen making tea.”

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Judge Milian rules: Lea Michele wins. “I was blessed to visit that set with my kids, who were huge fans. Everyone was so kind and stopped for moments to pose for pics or chat, especially Cory Monteith. Everyone except Lea Michele, who dissed the costar who was touring us by refusing to be introduced to the kids. They were crushed, and she is a diva. But no one as young as Naya should be profiting from trashing costars. This will hurt her career. And I’ll give Lea a ‘pass’ for her subsequent devastating loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith in 2013.

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