'Passengers' Footage: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Are "Stranded on a Sinking Ship"

The Hollywood Reporter

The more Passengers footage that is rolled out, the grimmer things look for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

"We're stranded on a sinking ship," Lawrence's character Aurora says in a new look at the film as she and James (Pratt) try to figure out why they were woken up 90 years too early on a decades-long voyage to a new planet.

The new look is being billed as a trailer, but it feels a little thin for a proper trailer. It's only 60-seconds long and features an "in theaters" tune-in voiceover at the end. As Trailer Track points out, this debuted as an international spot earlier this week, but with some alternate footage.  

Spoiler alert: The trailer for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence's new @PassengersMovie looks, well, out of this world. pic.twitter.com/NdfOCtZepU

- E! News (@enews) November 23, 2016

Sony has also debuted a new clip from the film, which shows Aurora and James get into a room that was meant to keep them out - perhaps for a good reason.

Passengers is directed by Morten Tyldum and is set for a Dec. 21 release date. 

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