Once Upon a Time Spin-Off Finds Its Alice and Gets a Wonderful Title

Vlada Gelman
Once Upon a Time Spin-Off Finds Its Alice and Gets a Wonderful Title

Once Upon a Time‘s potential Wonderland-set spin-off has found its heroine.

English-born Australian actress Sophie Lowe will play Alice in the project, which is now being called Once: Wonderland.

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Alice is described as having a generous heart. She carries the scars of a long hard life.

Lowe joins the recently cast Brit Peter Gadiot as Cyrus, Alice’s love interest who has a mysterious background, and Michael Socha (the UK’s Being Human) as the Knave of Hearts, a sardonic adventurer, man of action, loner and heart-breaker.

The five-scene Wonderland presentation [see glossary] will film in Vancouver after Once wraps Season 2. The prospective spin-off is envisioned as an American Horror Story-style 13-episode standalone that would ostensibly bridge the original series’ wintertime hiatus.

Once creators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will pen the project with input from consulting producer Jane Espenson and Zack Estrin (Prison Break), the latter of whom is expected to run the series with Kitsis and Horowitz if it is greenlit.

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