Once Upon a Time: How Will Lancelot Return?

Matt Webb Mitovich
Once Upon a Time: How Will Lancelot Return?

Once Upon a Time‘s Lancelot shall ride again, in Season 3. The big question is: How?

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Speaking with HollywoodLife.com, the knight’s portrayer Sinqua Walls, says, “I don’t know exactly how the character’s going to evolve, but we’ll see more parallels, and [get more] answers. And is he really dead, or not?”

After all, when Lancelot was introduced in Season 2 — as an ally of displaced Snow White and Emma in The Fairytale Land That Is — it was ultimately revealed that he was merely Cora in disguise. The evil queen mum then boasted that she had killed the knight before co-opting his form.

But was Cora merely stretching the truth?

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This much we know: Coming out of the Season 2 finale, Aurora, Mulan and Prince Phillip have discovered a wounded Neal/Baelfire on the shores of Fairytale Land present. And as confirmed in TVLine’s Inside Line column, it will be explained how the princesses managed to resurrect wraith victim Phillip.

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Perhaps an alive-and-well Lancelot will serve a role on getting Neal back on his feet and back to Storybrooke? Dust off your tin foil sorcerer’s apprentice hats and share your theories in comments.

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