Be Prepared to Fawn Over This Bambi-Inspired Halloween Makeup

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Head over to Pinterest and you'll find one of the top costumes pinned for Halloween is a doe! (In case you missed The Sound of Music, that's a deer, a female deer.) It's rather easy to do, mostly because you won't have to run out and buy anything, except maybe a pair of fake antlers to wear. For accuracy points, though, doe do not have antlers; deer do. (Confused yet?) The entire look is based on extreme contouring, using a very light shade around the eye area and going hard with the contour cream. Draw on a nose with a black cream pigment and finish off the look using a white eyeliner to create spots. For the lips, I loved MAC Cosmetics Liptensity in Stallion and Double Fudge.

Pinterest has reported Snapchat costumes are on the rise for Halloween, as well as glam-inspired makeup looks. Let us know if you'll try out this costume for Halloween, and check out our gallery to get more doe inspiration before your next party!