‘New Girl’ Star Throws Subtle Shade at Donald Trump

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On Wednesday’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Max Greenfield threw some very low-key shade at President-elect Donald Trump. The New Girl star showed up wearing a soccer referee’s uniform saying he was in a situation that echoed that of Trump’s.  

He said about his referee test, “I thought I’d fail. I thought I’d tell people, ‘You know, look, being a referee is not for me. The test was rigged.’”

Greenfield explained that he had no experience playing or refereeing soccer, making him the “least qualified referee in youth soccer history.”

He went on to explain that he was overly critical of the referee whose position he took. He said, “From the sideline last year, I was very critical of him. I said some tough, tough things. And it turns out, after sitting down with him, he’s a great guy … And I underestimated his job and how complicated it is. Look, the Middle Eastern section of the field alone is a nightmare.”

Let’s hope that he can get the on-the-field training he needs to make the right calls.

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