New E! Series 'Total Divas' Spotlights the Bella Twins and Other WWE Babes

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WWE Divas
Trinity 'Naomi' McCray, Ariane 'Cameron' Andrew, Natalie 'Natalya' Neidhart, Stephanie Nicole 'Nikki Bella' Garcia-Colace, and Brianna 'Brie Bella' Garcia-Colace

E! is getting in the ring with the gorgeous, tough, athletic women of World Wrestling Entertainment.

A new series premiering July 28 gives fans an intimate glimpse at the personal and professional lives of the Bella Twins and other WWE babes.

The Bellas dissect their entrance music and signature pose:

The show follows seven women as they "wrestle with the challenges of life in the spotlight, a grueling work and travel schedule, and the intense competition for prominence in a career that leaves little time for a personal life," according to the E! press release.

The beautiful Bella Twins -- Brie and Nikki -- are the seasoned superstars of the bunch. They've worked hard to earn their place at the top, something that newcomers Eva Marie and Jo-Jo Offerman can only dream of. Those two will find that the training program is no cakewalk, and they'll struggle to fit into the fast-paced, hard-knock life of the WWE.

The other established WWE veterans include Naomi and Cameron, aka the Funkadactyls, whose high-energy dance routines dazzle the audiences, but who also often butt heads with each other and the Bella Twins. Then there's Natalya, who wants to make a bigger name for herself but finds the WWE ladder can be difficult to climb.

Watch a match between the Bella Twins and the Funkadactyls:

And through it all, the women will wonder if they can really have it all -- successful careers, as well as boyfriends, friends, and families. The Divas can wrestle, but can they juggle?