New 'predators' invade the waters in 'Swamp People' Season 4 preview clip [Video]

Maya Salam
Yahoo! TV

The alligator hunt is back on and fiercer than ever, as History's “Swamp People” returns for a fourth season with new “swampers” ready to give the Bayou crews some competition.

In this Season 4 preview clip (with a special shout-out to Y! TV readers from star Troy Landry!), the seasoned hunters of the Atchafalaya Swamp spot some fresh blood in the Louisiana water, and not the kind that leads to a kill. As a new team of hunters sail by on an airboat, it’s clear that this swamp isn’t big enough for everyone.

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This season, Troy, Bruce Mitchell, Ron, RJ, Jay Paul, Liz, and Junior are in for more hurdles than ever, but they won’t slow these determined hunters down; they’re as ready as ever to battle though another dangerous and exciting alligator season. This time, they have to persevere through Hurricane Isaac’s fury, which knocks a precious five days off of their already-short season; it only lasts 30 days per year. The storm leaves behind massive fish kills, flooded grounds, and stubborn gators.

To make matters worse, the new “swampers” -- who hail from Texas and other parts of Louisiana -- are geared up and confident that they’ve got the skills to dominate America’s last frontier.

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Also this season, History Channel is unveiling “Swamp Nation”: an innovative way to connect “Swamp People” fans online. “Swamp Nation” is a destination site where viewers can create fun, shareable items built specifically for social networks -- such as personalized e-cards, customizable memes, animated GIFs, and more.

Every Thursday at 9 PM ET, the “Swamp Nation” site refreshes with new content from that night's episode, so fans can share their latest "Swamp"-based creations in real time.

To find out which “swampers” nab the game, tune in to the Season 4 premiere of “Swamp People” Thursday, 2/14 at 9 PM on History.