Netflix Stock Surges to Record High

Tony Maglio
The Wrap
Netflix Stock Surges to Record High

Netflix stock hit an all-time high Tuesday of $311.63.

The increase of more than 5 percent from yesterday’s close comes in the wake of a Monday deal announcement between the company and Virgin Media, in which the cable company will roll out a Netflix app to its 1.7 million U.K. TiVo customers.

The deal brings Netflix to a pay-TV platform for the first time.

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Also on Monday, Netflix said it would exclusively launch the Bloomberg Businessweek documentary, “HANK: Five Years from the Brink” on Sep. 16. The film, which acknowledges the five-year anniversary of the Lehman Brothers collapse and subsequent bank bailout, features a one-on-one with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

“HANK” is Bloomberg Businessweek Films’ first documentary.

Netflix’s stock was not always an optimistic buy. Just a year ago today, it was down to $55.92 per share.

The stock surge represents another benchmark in the turnaround of a company that a year ago was thought to be in deep trouble. Though given its well-received original content and impressive list Emmy-nominations — 14 in all — Netflix is now only considered trouble to its traditional TV competition.

“House of Cards” is nominated for nine Emmys itself. “Arrested Development” garnered three.

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