Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Takes Aim at … Netflix (Video)

Tim Molloy
The Wrap
Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ Takes Aim at … Netflix (Video)

Netflix’s sci-fi drama “Black Mirror” offers scarily close-to-home commentary about how technology changes our lives, and now it’s taking on the technology that lets us watch “Black Mirror.”

A new online ad for the series imagines a world in which everyone can watch Netflix through contact-lens-like devices, activated by an implant in our necks. The fake (so far) technology is called “Netflix Vista.”

The ad shows people using Netflix Vista to watch scenes from our favorite episodes of “Black Mirror,” including the one that inspired Netflix Vista.

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The third episode of Season 1, entitled “The Entire History of You,” imagines a near future in which people use implants called “grains” to record every aspect of their lives — and sometimes play them back for everyone, with occasionally disastrous effects. Robert Downey Jr. has optioned the episode to be made into a feature film. (There’s no word on when the Downey adaptation will be available on Netflix Vista.)

Like every piece of technology in “Black Mirror,” Netflix Vista sounds great … at the beginning. But by the end of the ad we see how “Netflix and chill” has been replaced by “Netflix Vista and give everyone else the cold shoulder.”

Using a grain to watch Netflix isn’t that different from using our phones to watch Netflix, of course. Here’s a list of the five real-life inspirations for great “Black Mirror” episodes.

You can watch the Netflix Vista ad here:

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